Episode 3 - The Visitor

The Visitor includes four of your ghost stories & paranormal experiences such as Room Number 3, Haunted Night Shift, Good Night Nurse and The Visitor. I also thank people for their support of the show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, talk about what I have been watching, reading and listening to - including reading the very first HorrorVille horror magazine which includes in-depth articles on the original and brand new Blair Witch movies and an article about the The Exorcist tv show.

I also recap the latest exciting Noisy Spirit news and updates including Halloween Month which will include a Ghost Story competition and other fun Halloween traditions as well as re-capping the upcoming Noisy Spirit Halloween Month podcasts, blogs, news and daily social media activity all based around Halloween during the entire month of October. I also quickly mention the upcoming bonus A-Z of the Supernatural podcast. 

Oh, listen to the very end.

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