Episode 4 - Spirit of the Glass

Spirit of the Glass includes four new true ghost stories & paranormal experiences re-told by Noisy Spirit such as How Did It Know My Name, If You Go Down To The Woods, Something Wicked and The Spirit of the Glass. I also talk about how the podcast show is now available on iTunes, once again thank people for their support of the show on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and contacting myself regarding their love for the show, I also talk about what am looking forward to, that being going to watch the new Blair Witch movie

I also once again recap the latest exciting Noisy Spirit news and updates including Halloween Month which will include a Ghost Story competition and other fun Halloween traditions as well as re-capping the upcoming Noisy Spirit Halloween Month that will include dedicated podcast shows about the origin and modern day traditions, blogs, news and daily social media activity all based around Halloween during the entire month of October as well as talking about what I do around Halloween and ask what you do yourselves. I also quickly mention the upcoming bonus A-Z of the Supernatural podcast and talk about possibly 'H for Halloween' being the very first A-Z of the Supernatural podcast show.

Oh, listen to the very end.

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