Episode 19 - Haunted Hollow

Haunted Hollow includes three brand new 'your true listener ghost stories and supernatural experiences' as well as this week's Classic British Ghost Story - The Bromley Poltergeist - all narrated by myself, Noisy Spirit Dave. The ghost stories included on this episode are Haunted Hollow, Vision Pit, Message & The Bromley Poltergeist.

I also discuss my thoughts on the ghost stories on this episode, chat about listener feedback to the stories from the previous show and mention how similar the ghost stories are becoming with lots of people experiencing poltergeists, shadow people and the like. There's also an update about the title story from the last show - The Room. I also chat about how the outro chat will be staying the same and get personal - I answer listener ghost related questions about myself. I also give an update on the first Noisy Spirit t-shirt and how you can get involved with designing a t-shirt for the show! I thank people for listening, especially long time listeners and also thank the people who promote the Noisy Spirit show on their social media accounts.

Listen after the outro music to find out the next two classic UK ghost stories!

As ever, enjoy the show and thank you for listening, very much appreciated!
I'd love to hear your comments about the ghost stores or the show below.


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