Episode 2 - The Boy in the Closet

The Boy in the Closet includes four of your ghost stories and paranormal experiences such as The Boy in the Closet, The Lady on the Stairs, The Corner Man and My Ghost Story re-told by Noisy Spirit along with movie and tv news including my thoughts on the recent Outcast tv show, The Lost Boys and The Exorcist coming to the small screen along with some exciting Noisy Spirit news updates including Noisy Spirit Halloween Month which will include Halloween podcasts, blogs, news and daily social media activity.

I also talk about the upcoming bonus A-Z of the Supernatural podcast show - coming soon including Witches, Ghosts, Curses and so much more! As part of that I also talk about the more unknown myths & legends and mention the Brokk and the Cactus Cat!

Also, listen to the very end!

Testimonial - Hollis from Pennsylvania 

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