Noisy Spirit 'Creepy Christmas' Podcast Show Special - Your Ghost Story Competition

Enter your Creepy Christmas Ghost Story for the Podcast Show Special coming on Boxing Day

Enter your Creepy Christmas Ghost Story for the Podcast Show Special coming on Boxing Day

As part of the Noisy Spirit 'Creepy Christmas' Podcast Show Special coming on Boxing Day, starting Sunday November 20th, you can now be part of the show by entering a fantastically festive (with some 'Creepy Christmas' prizes) Christmas related Ghost Story competition. 

Simply fill out the form below and tell Noisy Spirit your 'Creepy Christmas' related ghost story or spooky experience. The story does NOT have to be a true or a real experience though, it can be a work a fiction just as long as it is set in or related to Christmas and the Holiday festive season.

I plan to create a podcast show special solely dedicated to the re-telling of your ghost stories from this competition, on Boxing Day this year. Remember, your story does not have be your true experience but ideally it does have to be set around Christmas and the Holidays. There is so much creepy Christmas tradition, stories and characters set in and around Christmas so I would love it if all the stories submitted where related to the holidays. Maybe your story includes the 'very' naughty list, the creepy Sack Man, Krampus or even Santa Claws himself!!

So get those festive creative story telling thoughts going and don't forget, which list will you be on this Christmas...

The prizes will be Creepy Christmas related and I have already purchased one which is perfect for those long dark night ahead! I will start to add the prizes to Noisy Spirit social media and the website over the next couple of weeks (so please look out for them) but it will be some festive fun of Creepy Christmas prizes and well worth entering!

And now the boring stuff....

The rules are very simple, add your Creepy Christmas ghost story (true or fictional) to the form below, I will then take your name or contact details and I will simply draw a name out of the bowl at random. All this will be done over social media so you will see that all will be above board and there will be absolutely no gremlins or ghostly ghouls causing problems.
I will except as many story submissions as you want per person/username. Each story you send will count as a separate submission, so the more you send the more chance you have of winning!

The deadline (has been extended) for all ghost story entries is ****11.59 PM BST Thursday 15th December, 2016****
This is simply so I can add the 'Creepy Christmas' ghost stories to the podcast show and arrange your prizes to (hopefully, Krampus delivery permitting) arrive before Christmas itself!!

You can enter from anywhere in the entire world! I will honour delivery (just like Santa) of the prizes as you have spent the time entering the competition! Go for it!

Please share this around and join in the 'Creepy Christmas' festive season fun!!
Thank you for entering and good luck!!

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